Can connect to DIR-655 router but no internet access

I have a DIR-655 set up and it has been running 3 computers on the network and all had access to the internet. Two are cabled in and one is via wireless.

After upgrading to Win 7 the two computers cabled to the router (ethernet) continue to work fine and I can access the Internet with both and I can connect to one from the other.

The third computer (a notebook) which had been working via a woreless connection now is problematic. It also has been upgraded to WIN 7.

I can connect to the router via a wireless connection and both the router and computer recognize the connection BUT I can not access the internet via the router with this computer.

I have tried adjusting the router's settings, I have powered down the cable modem and router and repowered back up. I have removed the computer information from the router and powered everything doen sequentially and tried to reconnect as a new wireless and as a cabled setup. But no matter the combination I try, I can only connect to the router and it does not permit internet access.

Running the diagnostics tool gives the error message :

" Remote device or resource won't accept the connection".

Suggestions as to how to proceed would be greatly appreaciated.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. I have the same problem.

    There's no problem on Ubuntu.

    but when I log into Windows 7, the Dlink router DIR-655 shows up as connected, but no access to the internet unless I use a wired connection to the router.
  2. Not sure why Win7 would change the wireless connection, unless you had WPA/2 on or the laptop isn't set up to pull an IP automatically.

    You might also check the manufactures website for any new drivers for the wireless card for win7.
  3. It wasn't a problem with the router after all. It was the Sony software on my VAIO laptop that somehow added a custom DNS address to the wireless profile which I hadn't set :S I'll have to check my PC to make sure, but I think that's solved it for me!
  4. Hi reddemon666

    I have the same problem as David_99 after replacing my wireless router from Buffalo to D-Link. I can connect my Sony Vaio laptop to DIR-655 via a wireless connection (I can access the router setup page at but I cannot access the internet. There is no such problem with my Fujitsu laptop.

    It seems that there is similar DNS problem on my Vaio as yours. May I know how you can fix it ?

    Thank you very much for your assistance.
  5. Hi I have same problem only my router is a Dlink 412 laptop shows it is connecting to router but will not connect to internet error comes up that server is not available, I'm using a wireless prepaid optus stick, its driving me crazy, has I've been trying to connect my ebook and my smart tv..My optus stick works fine when I take it out of router. But I need router to connect offer devices can anyone help me. Please..
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