2 processors, 12 slots of memory, 3x1 GB. Best perfomance?

I have a mo with 12 slots ready for DDR3 RAM. (Processors = Xeon 5504, with triple channel direct access memory)

It's a server motherboard. I have 3 x 1 GB DDR3 RAM.

The motherboard has 12 slots , 6 per processor.

What is best?

a) Put the 3x1GB slots in triple channel (processor 1) and no one for processor 2.
b) Put 2 for one and 1 for the another.
c) Others???

Thanks friends
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  1. Better to get 3x1GB more and put it for the 2nd one too...the CPUs would benefit from the RAM dedicated to them..
  2. ^or if you are on tight budget ( but how could it be when you got such fancy motherboard and processors ), then get just 1 more stick of 1GB RAM and put 2 for each CPU.
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