Where are the Optimized Drivers for Empire: Total War?

Empire Total War is just begging to be optimized on the GTX 295, the performance is just right on the edge of acceptable for that game, I have noticed that the worst performance is when Indians are displayed on the screen particularly more than 2 armies of Indians the performance drops way down more than it would for other armies. I am looking forward to playing this game when the drivers are well optimized and this game runs fantastic as apposed to just fair which is where it is at right now. My question is are there plans to optimize the drivers for this game in particular?
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  1. What are your system specs, it doesnt sound like driver optimization would fix it, it sounds like a CPU bottleneck. Try lowering the shadows and texture details and see if it still gives you the same issue, i dont think it will since you describe it as when more than 2 armies are on screen which implies to me increased CPU load, in an RTS game which is already CPU heavy.
  2. I have an overclocked core 2 quad at 3.4 ghz and I tweaked the settings and I am mostly happy with the performance now I still wish it was a little better.
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