ATI Radeon HD 4200 vs GeForce 9500 GT

Just for playing games like World of Warcraft or Call of Duty 4 i don't know which would be better.
Any help appreciated.
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  1. For HD Decoding the HD4200 is better, for games the GeForce 9500GT is better.
  2. I don't know if this helps but this is actually the model I'm kind of newcomer at this stuff.
  3. The 9500GT can run some older games quite well, just don't expect too much from it because you will be disappointed.
  4. Well I already have it, just debating whether or not to use it. I'm just asking if it will out preform the ati hd 4200
  5. :heink: You already have both or just the 9500GT?
  6. The ATI is integrated, I have the 9500GT from previous computer. Debating whether to put it in
  7. Also, this motherboard has a 1.0 PCIe making me wonder if it would work at it's full potential seeing the 9500gt is for 2.0
  8. And before anyone asks why he hasn't already tried it; if it wasn't better, can you imagine the hassle of uninstalling/reinstalling two different drivers twice?

    Go with the 9500GT.
  9. For some reason the 9500GT isn't working with my computer.
    Is my computer compatible, I have 8gb DDR3 ram and this is a 1gbDDR2 ram gpu, like i said im a nooby, any help?
  10. There is no reason why it shouldn't work. Make sure you fully uninstalled the previous drivers.
  11. That's unfortunate they sold you a 1GB 9500GT. It is a very weak card, and has only half the performance (if not less than) a regular 512MB 9600GT which only costs about $10-20 more (not to mention you're paying for 1GB of video memory which you can't use). You could've paid around the same price ($65) for an HD 4670 as well.
  12. All right, thanks I guess I'm going to look into a HD 4670, I've heard good about them and they're cheap
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