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I'm having a strange problema in my motherboard. when i stress her (prime95), it makes a noise, high enough to hear it above my system fans.
I've changed the psu, but the problem remains.

In some forums i heard it is common that behaviour, others tell me to rma it.

Someone had this error?

i'm using a q9400, overclocked to 2.96 with everything on normal ( default) on BIOS.

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  1. The two usual suspects implicated in 'noise' (especially high-pitched) are the PSU and the vidcard; more likely the PSU, as vidcard noise usually accompanies major screen changes. If you can replace, or move the PSU whatever diatance the cables will reach, you'll be more likely to discriminate the actual source...
  2. Dude, there is a person on this forum, who's GB mo-bo literally beeps, and that is without even having a speaker on-board or connected.

    I am thinking that with so many different frequencies just juicing across the board these days, it wouldn't be a miracle if two of them interfere with each other and produce a third, audible frequency. These things should be more prone to exhibit themselves in overclocking, because one wanders in the range of frequencies beyond specified, and secondly, because one tests multiple increments of multiple frequencies.
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