Need a little guidance...Can I replace PC2-4300 with PC2-8500?

The computer is a Compaq Persario SR2150NX running Vista.

Basic specs
Celeron 356 (C) 3.33 GHz
533 MHz front side bus
Socket 775

ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 for Intel Processors

Manufacturer: ECS
Motherboard Name: RC415ST-HM
HP/Compaq motherboard name: Alhena5-GL6

Detailed Specs can be seen here:

Crucial's site says not to exceed PC2-5400:

But, I was curious to know if PC2-8500 will work in this computer and if it will work, what speed will it run at?

I also don't mind reflashing the BIOS if it will give the computer the ability to run PC2-8500 at it's fully rated speed.

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  1. If you put PC2-8500 ram in that motherboard, it will run at the maximum speed the motherboard can handle which is PC2-4200.
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