Best CPU cooler for Gigabyte GA-GM880-UD2H

Got a GigaByte GA-GM889-UD2H system board running a Phenom II 555 CPU using the stock fan. What do you recommend for an aftermarket replacement fan. It is in a InShin BA-630 mid tower case with a 500W CoolerMaster power supply. Looks like an aftermarket fan may block my RAM slots. Have heard about the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 and Hyper TX3. Any others? Any recommendations?
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  1. 212 EVO is very good at 35$ fan can also be adjusted upwards. There's also the Mugen 3.
  2. I probably need something to keep out dust too! LOL The stock cooler is a dust magnet. Sprayed some canned air and it definitely cooled things down 10 degrees C on some of the games I play (though I am not a serious gamer by any means). Definitely back idling under 30 degrees C. My big issue with an aftermarket cooler is those first two RAM slots getting blocked.
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