Onboard HDMI output no audio

first, I don't know where exactly I should put this, onboard graphic but a audio issue. If it's wrong, please move it.

ok, my problem is that randomly, my HDMI option in playback devices says "not plugged in". It's really random. When I reset the system, sometimes it is there, sometimes not. I have to rest a couple times to get it works, so annoying.

I already RMAed but same problem
cable, TV tested
tried reinstall windows
Drivers, BIOS are all latest.
although the board comes with VIA chip, I also tried the realtek driver for ATI (cuz some says a conflict with realtek chip would cause this similar result), but not work.

The system:
ASUS M4A78T-E (790GX)
P2 X3 720BE (no core unlocked, no OC)
PSU forgot but more than enough for the system
win7x64 ult

Please help, someone. help would be very appreciated
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  1. Bringing this thread back up, hope someone can help this time.
    Note that the HTPC is connected to my AV receiver then TV.
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