5770 overkill for this system?

Hello gentlemen. Here's my current setup:

Intel Q8300 processor (2.5 ghz quadcore)
6gb DDR3 RAM
18.5-inch monitor(1366x768 resolution)
Integrated graphics

I want to upgrade my graphics card, and I was considering a 4850, 5750, 4870, or a 5770. Couple of questions:

1. The 4800 series and 5700 series are comparable in price right now. Is there any reason to choose the 4800 series over a 5700? From what I can tell, the 5700 series are more power-efficient, have better cooling, and have DX11. Anything I'm missing?

2. Would a 4870/5770 be overkill for this system? In particular, is my processor good enough to warrant one of those two cards, or should I go down a notch to a 4850/5750 card?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 1- Go for the 5770
    2- I don't think the cpu would create any bottleneck ! You may lose 5-10 fps max but at that resolution it won't hurt much !
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    At 1366x768 a 5770 will do great. As far as you're going with your 4800 series and 5700 series comparison the 4800s eek out a slight performance advantage right now. Either card aren't really an overkill as they're average up to 1680x1050 and do okay at 1920x1080, but aren't anything amazing. It's a mainstream card, and it'll last you for a while, even if you want to upgrade your monitor.
  3. Thanks, this has been a big help.
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