New pc build, no signal from monitor problem!

So this is my first pc build, all the parts were purchased from newegg just last week. i finally got the last part today (psu) and i cant get it to POST. all i get is NO SIGNAL from the monitor. The pc turns on, all the fans are turning, LED lights turn on, videocard fan is on, hard drive is spinning, but no video.

everything is hooked up and seated correctly, i benched everything to make sure nothing was being grounded, and still nothing. tried removing the video card, switching from the mobo vga to to both the dvi's on the video card with the provided adapter, removing the ram and dvd drive, and still nothing. re installed cpu and heatsink. im not forgetting the second mobo 4pin power connector.

i dont know if this is relevent but oh well: when i first turned it on i had the psu on 115v and the power turned off with just a push of the power button, however when i switched it to 230v i have to hold the power button to turn it off.

through all of this i havent heard one beep from the motherboard. i have speakers plugged into the port on the mobo.
i have tried several working monitors as well.

im kind of clueless what to do next :( any advice will be appreciated.

hardware is

Athena Power Supply AP-MPS3ATX40 400W

ASRock G41M-S Motherboard

GeIL 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 1066 SDRAM

Western Digital Caviar Black Hard Drive

Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz Dual core CPU

XFX Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB
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  1. 1) Your PSU is rated at 400W (Newegg's spec. page). The HD 5770 specs say it needs a min. 450w PSU (Newegg's spec. page). You may need a larger PSU, get at least 450w that's at least 80% efficient. Try the 500w-620w range with a single 12v rail. The high efficiency PSUs generally provide continuous, clean, low-noise power.

    2) Also, you may want to visit ASRock's site to make sure the mobo (and BIOS) supports the GPU.

    Other: I'm guessing you live in the US since you ordered from Newegg. Are you using a 220v circuit to power the machine? If not, and you're really using 110v switch back to 115v. Most US household circuits are 110v. Only large electrical appliances like clothes dryers, electric ranges and ovens, and HVAC systems use 220v, and they have very different plugs from your computer cord.
  2. ^ +1
    Your PSU is a little weak. Try removing the video card. You can use the onboard video to see if it's a lack of power.

    Also, you should double check that you didn't miss the 4 pin CPU power.
  3. thanks a ton, unfortunately i wasted 30 bucks at the pc shop for the guy to tell me the same thing! oh well :/
    just ordered an antec 650w continuous psu, and a new antec nine hundred case from newegg and got a great deal on them thanks to the black friday sale =P. whats odd is that i was almost positive i tried booting the pc on the 115v psu setting with the video card removed and i still got no signal. should i be using a dvi compatible monitor and dvi cable and using the spot on my gpu once i get my new psu? or would i get signal using the converter or it being plugged into the mobo?
  4. I think the new PSU will solve your issue. Double-check :ange: all the power connections to the board and accessories when you re-assemble the system in the new case.

    I also agree that you should test the on-board video first - leave out the GPU. If that works, then
    1) unplug the power, WAIT a minute or so,
    2) insert the GPU,
    3) attach the power lead fro the PSU to the GPU,
    4) plug-in the power,
    5) power-on the system,
    6) enter the BIOS (use delete key?),
    7) find the option for on-board video and disable it.
    8) save the new BIOS setting and exit,
    9) re-start.
    10) Cross your fingers and hold your head just right :o ;
    11) you should be up and running. :hello:

    To get the most from you build, you may want to add a second stick of memory (exactly like the one you cited from Newegg above).

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. thanks very much! yeah i was planning on another stick of ram but ran out of funds! :p
    appreciate the help, happy thanksgiving
  6. Let us know what happens when the new PSU shows up.
  7. i got it today! and im on the new pc right now! yay! hooked it all up and it works perfect. unfortunately i left the 4pin to 6pin pcie adapter for my radeon 5770 attached to the old psu when i sent it back to newegg lol. so its not running the videocard. ill have the gpu hooked up and running tommorrow and let you know how it goes
    i dont understand why the pc wouldnt even POST with the gpu removed before. learned my lesson, dont buy no name junk psu's.
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