First ever computer...

Hey so I've tried wrapping my head around this maybe somebody will know maybe somebody would like to discuss the possibilites of how it happened.

But first of all what is the though process behind making something like a computer? I can't even figure out how to make something delicous to eat that isn't already made for me, so the engineers that did this must have been outside of the outer box thinkers? or am I missing something simple.

Second of all.. how the hell did the first computer get programmed to do anything at all... as far as I have been exposed to I tell the computer to do stuff through other software. Add 2+2 via calculator and so forth.
So how did they program the very first computer to lets say make a display.. Or to do math, or whatever computers back then were for..

I just figured this was an interesting thought and for one something many of us obviously take for granted(unless everyboyd in the forum posts a 10 page essay on the topic).

Interested to get some feedback,

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  1. Thats right here you go mate:

    (dont forget to grab a cup of tea or your favorite drink)
  2. All in all, not a bad look backwards. Except the Altair was not the first PC. You could make the case that it was the first successful PC, especially since it spawed the S-100 bus. The competing magazine, Radio-Electronics published a build it yourself 8008 project the previous summer.
  3. The first mechanical computing machine was invented in Greece circa 100 BC:

    It was used for navigation. it was called the Antikythera mechanism.
  4. Interesting stuff.
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