Will heatsink fit?

I am looking to buy a new HSF, but I do not know if it will fit inside of my case.
Case:Thermaltake V3 Black Edition
CPU: i7 960

(doesn't seem like anything else is relevant)

The HSF i am looking to buy are the following


Which is better? Is there another HSF that would serve me better?

Thank you in advance to any, and all who reply :)
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  1. If you check the 'details' tabs there are measurements on those links, then measure your space from Cpu socket to the window, You should be fine with the First heatsink, not sure about the second though as I don't know the clearances in the V3,
    use a wooden ruler or fabric measuring tape, not a metal one ok :P
  2. I measured it and it seems to be about 5 and a half inches of space i can work with (give or take a little)

    the product

    Fan Dimensions
    92 x 92 x 25mm

    Heatsink Dimensions
    115 x 62.3 x 141mm

    it seems to have 2 fans on the cpu, so would i have to add up 2 fans + the heat sink dimensions or is the dimension given accounting for both?

    Also, which number is the dimension would be the one i need to worry about jetting out. like the first number., second, or third?
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    Five and a half inches is about 140mm
    so if its 141 high it may just nudge the door but I can't judge which measurement is which there sorry,
    maybe google 'xxx' heatsinks height'? it may shine more light on it for you
    Nvm, there video here mentions it,
    its 141high
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  5. Thank you for the help.
    it really helps me as a newbie in the area.
  6. No probs man, and thank you for B.a.
  7. Great thread
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