9800gtx+ sli or 4870x2?

which setup is better? 9800gtx+ sli or a 4870x2
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  1. 4870x2 is faster, without a doubt. 9800gtx+ sli will more on par with 4850x2.

    Are you just asking or you want to buy one of them? Because I won't really buy any of them right now, there are better options such as the 5800 series from Ati (Although availability is scarce).

    What are the rest of your system spec, you monitor resolution, and your power supply?
  2. i was looking to buy a new card.

    My specs are.
    9950 Phenom BE at 3.1ghz
    4 gig of 1066 ram OCZ gold ddr2
    750watt psu
    9800gtx+ sli

    the monitor goes up to 1650x1050 but im upgrading to a monitor that does 1900x1200.
  3. 5850 will work fine
  4. as long as it out preforms my 9800gtx+ sli. im good
  5. Well, if you have 9800gtx+ sli then I don't think that you have to upgrade, you already have a powerful setup, especially that you aren't running at 2560*1600.

    Is there any game that you can't play comfortably at your resolution (or even 1920*1200) with 9800gtx+ sli? I don't think so, unless you play crysis at maximum settings with AA turned on.

    The HD 5850 won't outperform it by much (maybe 10-15%), if you must upgrade then think about HD 5850 crossfire or HD 5970, but I think that will be an overkill.

  6. consider the sli setup as roughly a gtx 285 but if you already got a 9800 gtx get a second gtx
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