Asus P6X58D-E vs Asus P6X58D Premium

I want to know what the differences between the Asus P6X58D-E and it's premium counterpart are. I've been deciding between the two, however I heard the are both similar and there is no point in getting the Premium. So I basically want to know what the hardware differences are and what are the Pros and Cons of getting one above the other.

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  1. Not much according to this|13-131-641^13-131-641-TS%2C13-131-614^13-131-614-TS
    Could be a difference in the bundle that comes with them.
  2. Two Differences
    Supported CPU Technologies - Supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology
    Second LAN Chipset - Marvell 88E8056

    Not truly worth the difference IMO so I would just go with the P6X58D-E. Either way you can't go wrong :)
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