How to know that overclocking is finished?

how to know that overclocking is finished?
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  1. That depends on what you want to do for example when i want a 24/7 overclock so i can just play games and maintain my system nice and cooled down i get the highest clock speed on my lets say graghics card before i need to increase voltage than i leave it at that, or if i want to do a benchmark ill keep going bumping up voltage and everything else to get a high score than bring it back down to my 24/7 overclock but yeah it all depends on you....same goes for CPU and everything else.
  2. You are finished when you have either reached your goal or cannot squeeze anymore performance out of your system.
  3. thanks for the reply.Is there any software to know that?
  4. once you overclock the card it can do a few things
    Run fine
    Artifact ( strange lines and screen goes mad)
    or blank

    If it runs ok, check if its stable by using a burn in test

    You can check that you have adjusted the settings by using any OC software or by using something like Gpu-z.
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