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Hey, I have an Asus UX50V, beautiful looking computer but with a terrible processor, and battery, but I'm more focused on the processor, I got it at a fair price @ 350 slightly used. It has an Intel Core 2 Solo 1.4GHz, SU3500 (M Socket). I'm considering the core 2 quads, but I'm worried about the compatibility with the motherboard and heating. I usually don't care about batteries since I always keep a few extra 24/7. I'm not a gamer, so I don't think any off Intel's new i series would be necessary, and I don't want to go through swapping the mobo. What's everyone's opinion? (whoever is out there haha).
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  1. Considering that you have an SU series core 2 solo, your computer probably isn't designed for the cooling or power requirements of a standard voltage duo, much less a quad.
  2. For the most part laptops are not designed to be upgradeable in the same way desktops are. Maybe adding some memory or a larger hard drive and in some higher end gaming laptops upgrading the video cards but you are pretty much out of luck with the slow processor/motherboard. This computer was only $499 brand new so you really get what you pay for. Sorry.

    A good review.
  3. I like how all of you got snarky and never actually answered OP's question. I've upgraded from a crappy low end CD before to a better C2D (yes laptop cpus) and it actually dropped voltage use and heat since I picked a slightly higher end, better designed cpu.

    A friend is looking at purchasing a laptop and I'm interested to know if this is possible. Are C2S standard socket cpus or are they soldered to the motherboard?
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