Dedicated Power Supply and Nvidia GTX 280

Hello everyone. I am new to this whole thing. I need help. I am wondering if the Visiontek Dedicated power supply ( will be able to power an Nvidia GTX 280. Also the computer i would be putting this into is my Dell XPS 420. It has a 425 watt power supply. If you need any more information please ask. Please help.
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  1. It would, but why not just replace the Dell psu with something that's big enough for everything ?
  2. Because the desktop is still in warranty and if something goes wrong it would be much simplier to remove the dedicated power supply than the regular power supply and tell dell i have know idea what happened. Because i have heard of people who have put bigger power supplies into the dell xps 420 and it has fried the motherboard. So i am hopeing that this will work instead. Thanks for your quick reply. Also i am wondering will a GTX 280 be much better than my GTS 250?
  3. Being in warranty shouldn't stop you from replacing the psu, you are looking to replace the video card.
    When calling Dell support, they will have you remove any upgrades you have made and replace them with the original parts.
    I've never heard of fried XPS420 motherboard due to an upgraded psu.
  4. Trust me I have talked to dell many times about it. They tell me and I quote "Replacing of the old power supply will void the hardware warrenty of the computer, so if that new power supply does something to the computer, it is not Dells responsiblilty to replace the damaged parts of the computer." So i really dont want to take the risk. Plus my parent are stern on upgrades, so I think that a dedicated power supply would be good enough for me and them. Can you tell me the difference in preformance with an Nvidia GTS 250 and an Nvidia GTX 280?
  5. HunterMetcalfe said:
    Trust me I have talked to dell many times about it.

    Trust me , I can pretty much gaurantee I've talked to them many more times
  6. My god. hahaha. That is awsome. I think you have enough dell computers.
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