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I have Apple Airport Extreme (N+ wireless) router setup in my house. I have 2 laptops (Vista), 1 desktop (XP) and Playstation 3. I just a bought an 1TB Samsung Story external hard drive and I am planning to use the USB port available on the router to hook it up. This external hard drive came formatted in Fat 32. Should I reformat it in NTFS? What is your recommendation on this?
I will be storing some HD movies, games, pics, etc...and stream them to devices mentioned above.
How can I set up my router and the external hard drive so that there is no lag or delay?
What is your recommendation? Thanks!
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  1. FAT32 limits any single file size to 4GB, which may or not be an issue. I imagine if you have HD content it may prove problematic (e.g., blu-ray rips to ISO). But then you have to consider whether the Airport Extreme supports NTFS. Some devices will only support FAT32.

    As far as lag, compared to what? Compared to being directly connected over USB? There will always be *some* network lag compared to a direct wired connection. And wireless exacerbates the problem further.

    But frankly, lag isn’t really the issue for streaming content, that’s more of an issue for gamers who demand a more responsive experience. I suspect what you’re really concerned about is excessive buffering due to less than reliable connections (e.g., intermittent signal loss). The way to minimize that is to stick w/ wire as much as possible. But if you must use wireless, stick w/ the N protocol. Even so, there are no guarantees. Wireless G usually works well w/ SD content, but even N can sometimes be brought to its knees w/ HD content.
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