CPu Fan is not Working


When i am trying to turn on the PC. The CPU fan is not working Advice me on this
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  1. It seems that either the fan isn't plugged in, or that it has died and you have to buy a replacement fan.
  2. I,ve replaced and checked with other fan .. But the problem still persists..............
    What do you think there any other problem regarding power issues......
  3. It seems that the fan isn't getting power if you have checked it with others. If your motherboard doesn't have a warranty on it still, I would replace it wit a fan that has a molex power connector or one that is three pin so it can plug into motherboard. Only think with this is that the speed is constant unless you have it hooked to a fan controller or can find a program to control the fan speed based on CPU temperatures.
  4. Can u advice me more on this?
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    Is the fan plugged in to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard? If it is not, the mobo will assume a CPU fan failure and refuse to boot.
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  7. Hey guys, i got the same issue, my cpu fan stopped working and I bought a new one but the problem is still here. I tried to test the cpu fan pins using other fans but they didn't work so I attached my stock Intel cpu fan to "sys fan 01" pins. Temperature is 39-40 degrees tops, but I wanted to ask if my cpu would be fine with this solution or I will need something more. Till now it seems like working normally, I only cannot control cpu fan speed which is at almost 2300rpm stable. is this dangerous? My build is all stock an m overclocking. Please excuse me for large post.

    Gigabyte ex58ud3r v 1.0
    Core i7 920
    Mushkin 12gb 1066mhz
    Samsung 850 evo
    WDC caviar blue 650gb
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