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Alright, so I have a Dell Studio Slim that I desperately want to upgrade. I have a good processor (q6600) and a good amount of RAM (6GB). Now the downfall of the Slim is the video card options, I am starting to get into hard core gaming and want to upgrade my video card. I currently have the ATI Radeon 3450 HD and want to upgrade to the ATI Radeon 5750. I am on a budget and need a new case to accommodate the size needed for this card and a new power supply for the card.

My question:
I don't know about the motherboard included with the Dell Studio Slim, is it Micro ATX? Standard ATX? Will I be able to mount it in a newer case?

These are the products I am looking at: - XFX ATI Radeon 5750 - Rosewill Stallion 500w Power Supply

Are these quality products for the money?

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  1. Generally speaking, motherboards in Slimline computers tend to be µATX, however, it may be a custom size. Also, I'm not sure but you may need a low profile card, which I don't think the Radeon HD 5750 is.

    As for the PSU, I wouldn't really trust Rosewill, but that doesn't mean their PSUs are completely useless.
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  3. So the motherboard itself needs a low profile video card? It can't handle more powerful video cards? Like the 5750? Will it be possible to get it into a bigger case at least?
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    The case needs the low profile card, the motherboard doesn't care. You can probably find a better card than the integrated one but it has to be a low profile card and you will need to check to make sure that the card has the low profile bracket included or you will have to buy it seperately. And you may not have a beefy enough power supply in that unit to handle a higher end video card.

    For a bigger case, you would be looking at a new power supply too. The motherboard is a micro-ATX so would fit into a standard ATX case. With a new case and powersupply you can put in whatever video card you want.
  5. Alright, thanks a lot bro. I really appreciate the help.
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