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hello people i need some help with overclockin my system.previusly i have had a somewhat stable overclock of 4.1 running prim95 for over 2 houres without crash...but the volt is a bit high.1.49 max load.but iv started oeveragain in hope that i can get a better and possible higher clock.but theres a few things i need clearing up...when i reset my cmos for defult settings on my system my target frequency is 3712 and my bus is 232..i thought with my 1090t its defult should be 3200? the other thing is load line calibration and nb calibration...i dont no what this is. its allaz been set to auto. can someone explain this stuff to me or post a link to a guide that explains everything about motherbord settings what advatges are with increesing nb ht link..the works..thanks
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  1. anyone?
  2. Motherboard model would help a lot. Power supply also.
    2hrs prime does not mean it is stable. Most arround her go for 12hrs prime 4+ hours linpack and 4+ hours OCCT.
    Starting with 12hrs or overnight memtest.
  3. 12 houres??? reely i think if i was to leave prime on that long my cpu would fry. as it is right now after about 10 mins of prime my cpu temp is around 49 c.and my cores 37 c. i only use my computer for internet,games and watching films. my spec r in my information
  4. some resson its not working this is my spec

    cpu:1090t @4.1ghz
    cooler:corsair H100
    MB:asus crosshair formula iv
    gpu:asus 5870m 2gig
    ram:Kingston-KHX2000C9AD3W1K2/4GX @1333
    PSU:corsair H1000
    Hd:WDCB 1T
  5. anyone??
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