Require some advice on a ENTHUASIAST system. High end part questions.

Selling my old computer to a friend (for those who'd like to give me an estimate of what it's worth feel free to visit that thread here, advice is appreciated =). I am therefor looking to upgrade. My needs are as follows.

I am an gamer obviously. I also am getting into programming, taking animation classes and looking to become a video game designer. I do a LOT of photoshop work, and rendering. Not to mention I enjoy working with tool sets to create mods for most games which come out. I want something thats going to be able to double as an amazing gaming PC, as well as a good workstation build that will suit the above needs. I will explain my current parts which I intend to use, and for those who prefer it I will fill out the pre made form.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: By March 2010 (Anytime from not to then officially my old computer will be sold as of march 15th, so I will need the new computer a week before that in order to get it ready.) BUDGET RANGE: A MAX of 2200 CAD after rebates.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (Gaming, Moding, Rendering, Doing animation homework, Photoshop, Watching HD movies.)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (Case,Hard drive, Power supply, OS, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Optical Drive.)
Case - Haf 922
Hard drive - WD 1.0TB Black label. (Will be switching for an SSD when they become cost efficient.)
PSU - Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W
Os- Windows 7 Pro
Optical Drive - LG Vanilla Sata.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (Great prices, and free shipping, not to mention only 5% tax.),NCIX, or And I am evidently a Canadian resident.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Looking for an X58 board, and I prefer NVIDIA based cards (I'm more comfortable with them, but if ATI is becoming the way to go I am more than happy to try one out.) For the motherboard I want only ASUS, or EVGA. And for graphics I'd be looking at Again only ASUS or EVGA when dealing with NVIDIA, if going to ATI route then whatever brand has the best support and is over clocker friendly.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I guess here is where I will finish my post. I am torn between two motherboards, and then I have a question based around I9, and GT300s.

The two motherboards are as follows.

- The ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme X58 board. Only 370$ Which is really quite cheap for such a high end board. Not to mention in all the reviews I've read it's been called the TOP x58 board. Just find it odd that it's so cheap. Comments are welcome.

- The ASUS P6T6 WS X58 Board. Again an amazing high end board. This one is a Workstation board. It is also coincidentally the board we use at work. The only reason why I was going to get it over the Rampage 2 Extreme is the fact that I know WS boards are very reliable. But if people tell me I will have similar reliability with the Rampage 2 Extreme I would prefer it, especially since the LAN on the P6T6 WS is lacking compared to the GYGABYTE LAN on the Rampage. Not to mention the Rampage is much more badass. But that's just hear say.

The Proccesor would be to most an obvious choice. The I7 920 since I am evidently set on building an X58 board. My question is should I wait for the I9s to launch in order to buy the processor as the parts will be slightly cheaper. Or I could even buy an I9 (keep in mind we're talking a good 5 month window.) depending on price. My question really boils down to is it worth waiting for them or should i grab a D0 I7 920 while I still can?

The GPU is a toss up between the Latest radeon card, or waiting for the new geforce cards. I'm willing to allocate 600 - 1200$ on gpus. But no more than 600$ EACH. And I would really prefer not to get workstation cards. Not because I don't like them, more so that I can test my mods with a consumer end card prior to releasing them. As I said I have until march ( I can purchase it any time before that but march is when my old computer will be totally paid off to me, and I will have to part with it. But it makes no difference to me if I have a better system later.)

The ram is in your hands. Obviously tight timings are needed here far more than MHZ which can be overclocked to sacrifice timings if really required.

Your advice is most appreciated!
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    ^ I would suggest you wait till Q1 2010 before you make any purchase(Including the mobo)
    Reason -
    1. Most probably the mobo manufacturers will include USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s support(Already available in P55 boards)...So keep your options open...
    2. When i9 will be released, it is sure that there would be many mobos launched accompanying it...
    3. A core i7 930 is expected to replace the 920...
    4. i9 wont have any major advantage over the i7 in terms of gaming...
    5. GPU - Currently ATI is the leader in DirectX 11...But if Nvidia is able to pull of the GT 300 by early Q1 2010 or late Q4 09, then it would be good as you can expect ATI to slash it price and also by then the availability of these cards would have improved...

    As for the RAM, as you will be overclocking, the Muskin, Corsair Dominators would be very good...
  2. If considering 3 GFX cards, the R2E only runs in 16-16-1 or 16-8-8 configuration.

    As above, new Intel CPU's usually hit at end of february and that drives prices of old stuff into toilet. either way, if you wait you're a winner.

    Fast memory is just gone.....dunno where it went but CAS6 is almost unobtainable at this point.

    GFX, same thing....5970 just hit the street, let nVidia's get out and, if its any good, see who blinks on price.
  3. to help you with the mobo prob heres a great deal on a i7 920 / rampage mobo

    and go ATI even when the new 300 series cards come out theyll honestly be about the same performance and twice as expensive .
  4. So at this point all of you suggest I wait, as such I will gladly do so. I kind of figured that may be the case considering how close to launch we are on the products. Thank you all for your advice!.

    Also darksupreme, if you'd read my original post thoroughly you would have seen that I am A CANADIAN resident. As such combos which are available on newegg.COM do not generally apply to newegg.CA products.
  5. ooo that sucks XD sry didnt see that
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