Heatsink to Memory Slot: I didn't do my Homework :(

As you probably guessed my heatsink covers up one of my RAM slots :(

This isn't a huge issue now really, I think I'm just going to keep it and use it as is (I got the CM hyper 212+)

But I put alot of work into finding the parts for this machine to make it very upgradable down the road and this is the only part that truly makes my build not-so-future proof.
Right now I have 8gb of 1866 RAM which will be plenty for quite awhile
I have a z77 mobo and an i5 2500k

What i'm looking for is suggestions on heatsinks that can take OC'ing my i5 to 4.0 comfortably..

There isn't really any good way of knowing measurments from heatsink to actual cpu contact point or in motherboard cases the cpu socket to memory channels so I have to go by suggestions and experience, Help!

thanks in advance!!
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  1. The 212+ will take it to 4.5 perfectly fine.
  2. How tall is your RAM? I believe that fan on the 212+ will slide up and down, and it's the fan that blocks the slot nearest the CPU right? You should be able to slide the fan out a little ways on the heatsink, insert a module into the closest slot, then slide the fan back into place (flush with the edges of the heatsink). I have the same heatsink on a similar board, and though I haven't attempted this yet, it seems feasible. Let me know if you try it and how it works out.
  3. Well I know I could slide it up but the ram i use (g.skill ripjaw x) wouldn't be able to slide it back down..

    I suppose I could see what kind of performance dip i get from not having the bottom bit of heatsink not getting airflow but all in all I was hoping to find someone who owns one and another heatsink to quote if there is a big difference on distance from heatsink to cpu contact point..

    I don't have any extra ram to put in now, all of this is just speculating on future upgrades but thanks for your suggestion! I'll certainly give that a try if/when I do get more ram before going out and buying another.
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    you can actually put your fan on the left side and makes cooling weird but it should work
  5. hadn't really thought about it that way, thanks! hah.
    I might be able to put it on backwards and have it pull air through, atleast keep the integrity of the airflow in the case.

    Thanks for your replys guys!
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