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Secondary Internal HDD for Programs

Hey All,
I just made the move to SSD (115 Corsair Force). I had two questions, which are really one. I looked in google and the forum for the answer but don't know the jargon to bring up the results I'm looking for. So:

1. I removed my old HDD from the Mobo and slipped my SSD into the hotswap and installed Windows 7 on it.
2. I will move all of my HDD files onto an external and then format it and then return them.
2a. I want to use my HDD for mass storage and for installing older, larger games (IE, Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, Etc). So, I'm wondering what the best way to go about formatting it, setting it up for this purpose would be? (Embarrassing to admit that I don't know what I'm doing).
2b. Would the speed of fetching of files off the HDD be bottlenecked by the read/write of the drive itself? (That's less pressing).

So basically:

1. After I removed the data from the HDD, how should I go about formatting it so that I can use it for storage that can be accessed from the OS on my SSD.

2. Will I be able to use the HDD as an install directory?

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    Nothing special really needs to be done.

    I would format it as a single large partition.
    Use disk management under administrative tools to do the job.

    Move whatever data you want to it.

    For games and apps, you will usually need to reinstall them. Installs will ask you where the install should be done. The default will usually be the "C" drive, but you can change that.

    You can use windows easy transfer to copy all of your files and settings to the external drive.
    After you install windows on the ssd, you can import those files and settings, individually, ot totally.
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