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:bounce: I recently had a new mother board installed on my macbook pro. Before I took it, it has always worked very well with my 30" dell 3007 wfp monitor. From what I can remember it seems like it needed a driver to work right. I know it wasn't plug and play. My brain has done a flip! I can't remember how I got the thing to work and I can't find a mac driver for it. Strange, but I know it worked before.
Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, JohnMac
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  1. I'm pretty sure monitors don't require drivers to be installed. Are the VGA/DVI ports not working? It might be that the ports are enabled for your MAC...or the ports are defective. Have you tested your MAC with another monitor?
  2. Thanks for your quick reply! The 30" monitor is hooked up and running at 1440x900. I just can't get the 2560X1600 resolution that I had before.
  3. I just found this old CD disk that came with the Dell monitor and its labeled as "drivers and documentation". But when I try to use it reads like there is nothing on it but PC stuff. I'm sure a long time ago when I first used this monitor that I could also use the drivers off this disk. I have upgraded my OS.
  4. Hmm, what is your graphics card (probably integrated, but what model?).

    Some integrated GPUs don't support up to 2560x1600 resolution.

    When they switched the motherboard, they might've switched the integrated graphics card.
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