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Hi guys,

I have used Acronis true image to clone my hdd a couple times.

Right now, I need to clone my WD500gb hdd and move it on my Samsung1tb HDD. I already cloned it but there's one problem. My computer is recognizing the S1tb as 500 gb.

I read around about HPA:

"I think acronis Copied the software which sets the size (HPA) from the 500gb to the Samsung, which makes sense when you said the Samsung became 500GB as well, this happens often. "

Can you guys help me out so I can clone my Samsung properly and it shows 1tb like it should?
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    Your source drive is 500GB. Your target drive is 1TB.
    You have to purchase the "Plus Pack" from Acronis if your source & target drives are different sizes.
  2. I'm sure there's other ways to get around it besides purchasing it.
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  4. Double Posting to tell you guys that this is solved so you can lock this topic. With my ways, I got the plus pack and was able to transfer everything and have the correct amount of hard drive space.
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