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I had built a system around a year and half - 2 years ago. I bought a I5 760 and oc'd it to ghz. at the time when i had ran prime 95 i got temps of 73c on full load for 12 hours. this is with a ambient temp of 21c and am using the thermalright Venomous X-RT for a cpu cooler. this computer is used as my second gaming rig so i don't keep track of temps as often as i should. now that ambient temp is starting to raise as i have 3 gaming computers in 1 room i am getting a ambient temp of around 32c. I am looking into purchasing a AC unit to help with these hot ambient temps but with the ambient temps raising i am now getting prime 95 up to 82c on a 12hour full load cycle. I know that during gaming i shouldnt be hitting these prime 95 temps but am looking for advice if i should turn down the OC and wait for AC or if i should be fine for another month or so ? Also i am have not experienced any thermal throttling but am just a little worried as those temps are a bit high.
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  1. never mind reseated my cpu and changed fan on cooler to a higher static pressure and cfm rating and now at 30c ambient hitting only 66c prime for 4 hours.
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