SSD Read/Writes on X58 Board

Hi guys I'm going to buy a 120gb SSD so I've done some research.

When I came across this article:

They claim I can't get maximum read/writes out of a 2011 SSD on the SATA3.0 Marvell port (I have two of those on my GB-X58A-UD5). This is quoted from my motherboard box "Double your hard disk performance with SATA Revision 3.0 (SATA 6Gbps) from Marvell..."

Now the two products I had in mind after looking at... I CAN GET THEM FOR THE EXACT SAME PRICE.,review-32297-4.html

Are either the...
PATRIOT WILDFIRE 120GB (I like the toshiba flash). -


Intel 510Series 120GB 6GB/s -

They both cost the same where I live. But if I can't get optimum speed out of the wildfire with the outdated SATA3 port. I would consider going for the (acording to Tomshardware) slower but 'more reliable' intel branded SSD.

This all comes down to one question. How much read/write speed would the Marvell Sata3.0 port stunt on the Wildfire (e.g. -20% overall performance). And would it do the same thing to the intel chips?

Thank you in advanced.
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  1. Oh btw this forum lists all different chipset types...

    SandForce SF-2281 with 32nm Toggle NAND
    Patriot Wildfire

    Marvell 88SS9174 with 34nm NAND
    Intel 510 SSD

    Hope that helps answer the above question.
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