Need help with the best bang for buck

I have an ASRock 870 Extrene3 Motherboard

With an AMD 965 BE Chip

I have the Antec 900 case

I need a non stock fan for my CPU. It's at rest temps are to high, and my core temps can get very hot when under load. I had to shut down prime when giving it a warmup.

I'd like to find best bang for the buck if I can.

Any help would be mucho appreciated.

~Z :pt1cable:
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    The Hyper 212 made by Cooler Master seems to be pretty good for the price. However I don't know it's dimensions so no idea if it will fit in your case
  2. Yes, cooler master hyper 212+ is the best for both AMD and Intel CPUs, it's the best for many generations. I OC my CPU @4.0 GHz with it.

    It will fit in your case, without no problem.
  3. Just purchased the hyper 212+ and extra 120mm fan. Thnx for the suggestions. Good call
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