Overheating motherboard GA-MA790X-DS4

Hi guys.
I have GA-MA790X-DS4 mobo with Phenom 2 965BE + 8GB DDR2 memory for a while and at least one in a week my system crashes.I use my computer for 3D rendering.
And for a while it worked good. Temperatures were going really high, but it was stable at TMPIN2=81 (after I bought active cooler)
Now,even if I'm not doing anything but chat, temperatures are going crazy
(temperatures are in Celsius degrees)
I read about flaming North bridge stories and didn't like them at all. So, I got scared and wanted to buy another motherboard, but don't know which one? Any suggestion? It has to run for a days without a break...and if it is possible not to be over-payed :). In that case, I will buy new comp with Intel i7...
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  1. Check if the heatsink on the northbridge is loose. They use an adhesive thermal compound that is easy to break the bond. Gigabyte is not alone in this, and if you handle or lift on the heatsinks during install you will break the bond. If the heatsink is not rock solid glued on - I would take them off and reapply thermal compound. That should do the trick.
  2. Yes sudden is correct, also look in bios for the voltage settings to see if they're correct. There is also an option to set optimized defaults to see if that corrects anything. If those numbers are celcius you have a problem. The bios can also verify those temps. When that board came out the 965 didn't exist and since there are 2 different 965 versions 140watt and 125watt did you upgrade the bios to the latest version?
  3. Guys, thanks for answers. For a few days I wasn't able to turn on computer. So I pissed off and started to look for a new mobo. This one was more at service than home. Last time I saw temperatures were (believe me or not)

    Processor Temp=93Celsius
    so I shut down comp to avoid burnout.

    I was wondering if someone could help me decide which mobo to buy?
    It has to work 24/7 at 100% processor usage.

    Thanks again :)
  4. Ohh..sorry. I forgot to answer your questions.
    I haven't update bios for a while. And my version of Phenom ll 965 is 140watt
    Asked everyone who knows anything about hardware and got a thousand different answers...as you can expect. It could be anything that cause temperature overheating, but most likely is motherboard..
    I will check for bios upgrade and also check heatsink on north bridge..that's the last chance for this mobo...
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