Out with the old, in with the new. Multimedia build.

Hello all :hello:

I've just recently found this site through some random web surfing and found this to be an awesome forum. To put it bluntly, my (ridiculously over priced :??: ) dell XPS laptop decided to kick the bucket without any warning. lol. I guess I can't argue since it served me for a good 4 years. I thought about just buying a pre-built comp but figured why not learn how to build my own pc (first build) for the experience and fun.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: No real deadline other than if deals are around (black friday! :bounce: )

BUDGET RANGE: $500-$1000 before rebates and cheaper the better. haha. (flexible if need be since including a monitor will be needed) Also free shipping means nothing to me because I live in Hawaii :(

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Watching movies, web surfing, light audio/video encoding, scarce light gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I own a mouse lol.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I was leaning towards i5 hype only because of the lack of knowledge on my end and realized AMD puts out some budget priced cpu's so whatever gives most bang for the buck and suits needs (applies to every other part as well). If mid tower build then I would prefer the Antec 300 case.

OVERCLOCKING: Highly doubt it


MONITOR RESOLUTION: I would need to purchase a new monitor so whichever resolution would fit the specs of the system.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I've been searching the web and took a good look through a good amount of threads here on the forum and I was torn between what type of computer I'd want to build. At first I was looking at the ever so popular "i5 build" since it seemed it could be handled on a budget and serve as a gaming computer but I've come to the conclusion that I don't game as much as I thought I would. The game I really only played was WoW and even then I turned down the settings to better suit my laptop. It seems I spent more of my time doing some light video/audio encoding, watching movies / anime, web surfing, and school work. I would like to build a computer that holds some future upgrades (example: am3 socket mobo) and would MAYBE do some light gaming if WoW or the likes ever counted as light gaming though I doubt I will game (I like to keep options open if possible lol). My main concern with the build would be power consumption (since gaming won't be the main idea of this build), keeping on a budget (starting from scratch), and am wondering since I only use it for multimedia purposes, if a mATX bulid would be suitable. Batuchka's posts and his side projects won me over with the sleek look and small space factor but if a mid sized tower would be more appropriate to keep a "future-proofed" upgradeable build then so be it.

Sorry for the long post but I've been out of the loop for a while since my laptop was my main means of a computer and haven't kept up with all of the new latest and greatest. Technology sure has advanced within these 4 years! hahaha.

Thanks for anyone and everyone who can help me and if any other piece of information needed on my end please let me know!
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  1. Hehe thank you for your kind words regarding me side projects/configs. Well if you want a mammoth LCD config and seeing you are the type of gamer that turns down resolution/setting as per your needs (i do too hehe)

  2. Wow that was a fast response and by the same guy whose builds I was looking to buy for myself! hahaha! You can surely bet I'm grateful.

    I forgot to mention that I didn't have an OS :( I do have XP but as the title indicates, out with the old and in with the new! windows 7 that is. lol. I'll try to look for a combo that might show with the build you presented. I will also be looking to try and replace the optical drive with a blu-ray dvd/cd burner.

    Although I would love a 28 inch monitor my desk would probably not permit it. lol. I was looking at the 22 / 24 inch Acer's and wondering if they were comparable?

    And I guess as a final last question, if I were to opt towards a standard ATX form factor and mid tower build, would that shave the total cost of a similar build? I would like to try and shave off the total as much as possible because the shipping is already looking to bump it upwards of $150 (damn Hawaii shipping lol).
  3. Ya sure get something like an Antec 300 and 24" and you could have a Blu Ray ODD and Win 7 HP 64 all within budget i would think ^^
  4. Antec 300 case much better choice for a build unless you really need the smaller case. Antec cases do not come with a case speaker. A case speaker is only $3 - $4 or so, but you need one.

    I think OCZ PSU's are sort of average. I like the Corsair 550VX for a build like this:

    A 450 would work if you never planned to upgrade:
  5. Thanks for the additional input. Really appreciate it.

    I won't lie. I have the space for a mid tower build but I had the thinking that I would not be utilizing most of the extra slots / features an ATX board would provide, kind of looking at the mATX as a "barebones" if you will. The small spacious factor is merely a (but rather big) plus rather than a necessity. I guess a little logic on my end would steer towards the mid-tower for upgrades (Damn you batuchka for posting your mATX builds!!! hahaha jk! :D )

    I'll do some tinkering around and see what I come up with. Again thanks for giving me a firm foundation to start up on.
  6. You are welcomed and happy building :P
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