Intel Smart Response in Windows perf index score?

I'm just finishing up a new system build and I'm using the Intel SR on a Z68 board and I see it setup correctly in the Intel Rapid Storage... and the system feels fast by the seat of the pants...

However... it scores very low in the windows experience.... at least the HD does.... only 5.9 everything else is 7.6 - 7.9

any ideas?

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  1. (1) For a starter SRT speeds up HDD from 1.5 to a max of 4x. It is limited by the "artificial" intelagence of the algorthium that controls the cache. It what is requested is not in the cache then performance is @ the speed of the HDD.

    (2) Wei is a rather poor Benchmark.
    ... (A) It generally is only usefull to identify a problem. For example say you have a SSD boot drive and most generally are hitting say 7.8 for the specific one and you are only getting say 6.2 - You know you have a problem such as an incorrect controller ie pcide and it should be msachi or iaSTor.
    .... (B) It has a deviding point 5.9 an less for HDDs to get into the 6's you need a Boot SSD. It is kind of like the way they measure earthquakes. An earthquake rated 8 is 10X larger than one rated a 7. Most of the current Gen 2 and Gen 3 SSDs are from 20 -> 40 Times faster than a HDD. A change of 2x is not a big enough change to warrent moving past the 5.9
    .... (C) Even using other Disk benchmark programs, the performance is probably going to be (1) equal to the performance of the HDD as a stand alone drive or (2) inflated if it is based on the speed of the SSD.

    If it feels fast, that is what counts.

    You did not indicate which SSD you are using. The Intel 311 is a special SSD that uses SLC memory. If you are using one of the MLC 60 gig SSDs you would be better off using it as a OS +program Disk vs using it as a SRT disk.
  2. Great info Chief.... thanks for explaining....

    I'm using an OCZ ver2 60GB..... I think I'll look at grabbing a 120 around black friday.

    Thanks again
  3. When the Z68s first came out there were several reviews of SRT. In all Of them the bottom line was, if the SSD was big enough (ie 60/64 gig) the better option was to use it as a Boot drive, not for SRT.
  4. Thanks Chief. We all know you joined Jan. 1 1970. Which was a Thursday by the way. Before the internet was available to the public.
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