No increase in performance from 100mhz OC

Hey Guys,

I just oc'ed my SLI EVGA 570 GTX HD from 732mhz @ 1.013v to 825mhz @ 1.063v. However, I see no increase in performance in any benchmarks and actually a decrease in performance in certain benches.

My temps (with the OC) are maxing out at 72/68 C on the 2 cards.

For example, without the OC, Metro 2033 with Very High settings in 1080 gives me 53 Average FPS, and I only get 50 Average fps with the OC.

I have not touched the Memory clock, and MSI afterburner does not give me the option for increasing Shader Clock for some reason.

Also, I think the card is actually OCing as temps rise slightly, and I can see the increased clock speed and voltage on the in game MSI display.

I am running a 2600k @ 4.5 ghz with 1.365 vcore. I am sure that my CPU OC is stable. I have 16 gb of Vengence ram @ 1600, on an ASUS p8z68 Deluxe.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Shader clock is the same as core clock and they are locked, so changing core changes shader.

    100 MHz may not be very much when it comes to 2 SLI 570 GTXs. You might just be maxed out here.
  2. Thanks for the info on the shader clock.

    You really think the 2x570s are maxed out? Seems strange b/c 100 MHz on each card is almost 15% increase. And most people OCing 570s have def seen improvements from an OC of this magnitude.
  3. The cards could possibly be running a little hot. Try throwing the fans on to 100% and see if it makes a difference.
  4. I tried turning the fan up as you asked, but it didnt change the bench results. The load temps dropped to 60-65 range from 72/68, but no effect on performance.

    I noticed crashes in Heaven after 1 hour or so, even when SLI was turned off. This went away when I switched the primary card and ran in single card mode, so I asked EVGA for an RMA on the card that caused the crashes.

    While waiting for the RMA, I tried removing the OC on my CPU, and this fixed the crashes as well. I am currently increasing the CPU voltage on my OC to see if it fixes the problem without losing my OC.

    Maybe this card I have is just super sensitive to OCing? Wont be able to tell until the RMA arrives, but any suggestions for things to try until then would be appreciated!
  5. you might want to check if the game actually supports SLI, I know many games that claim they do and it isn't until you contact them with your problem that they say that it isn't supported - in which case it's not the vid cards fault.
  6. It is possible that you are hitting a power limit, do a PSU calcuation and see where you stand. That processor alone should be around 120-150W. let me do one for you with aproximate values and then you check it again yourself
  7. Calculator says 850W(minimum) do you have enough?
  8. Ok, So it was my CPU overclock that was destablizing my cards. Bringing down the clock speed made them stable, and made my benchmarks produce an increasing trend as I increased the GPU clock.

    However, I didnt want to run my CPU at 4.3 GHZ! I tried increasing the voltage for the CPU @ 4.5 to 1.38 but that did not help at all. Also, Increasing GPU voltage did not work either.

    Next, I brought back down the CPU voltage to 1.36 and tried to increase the bus speed from 100 to 102. This brought stability at 4.4 GHZ.

    However, I cant get my 4.5 ghz CPU OC back! Are there any other settings I can try to tinker with in order to maintain GPU stability, while still keeping my CPU overclock?

    I am sure the CPU by itself is perfectly stable upto 4.6ghz at 1.38v, as it runs Prime 95 Mixed FFF with all free memory for >24 hours straight.

    To answer the previous posts:

    I have a Seasonic 1000W power supply, so I dont think that is a limiting factor. Also, Heaven Benchmark and Metro 2033 definitely support SLI.

    Thanks for your interest!
  9. Sometimes overclocking can be your cards downfall. For an example, when I overclock my GTX 550ti my scores actually fall even though it is running completely stable. Again, there really is no point of overclocking your graphics card when you have a great setup like that. As well, you can kill your card VERY easily.
  10. ya, the only reason I want to OC my setup is because the OC removes the stuttering i experience playing BF3 in Ultra online. I know, I am a bit spoiled by my rig, but I put it together expecting to have no problems with any current gen games, and I just want put in the extra effort to get the most out of my system.
  11. Don't put in the effort now! Put in the effort when YOU actually NEED IT.
  12. Well, I do! I dont like BF3 stuttering on me every 5 minutes. So I do see a useful increase in performance. And the overclock I am aiming for is pretty mild. Plus, I have EVGA's overclocking warranty. I would rather have the cards die on me under warranty than after.
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