New quad wont work but old dual does

I just picked up a new 2.3 quad core 775 to put in my system, and planned on putting my old 2.6 dual core 775 in another system I'm trying to build. However my other system will not recognize either processor and my system will not post with new quad, but when I put the dual core back in my system it has no problems and boots up. Plz help.
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  1. need motherboard info
  2. Abit Fatality Fp In9-sli

    6gbs ram

    here is a link that details the specific details of my mobo on both systems
  3. What Quad CPU? There are no 2.3 GHz Quad on the compatibility list:
  4. I'm sorry everyone I feel like such a newb. I picked up a cu with a higher fsb than my mobo could handle.
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