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Hey I would like to buy the best motherboard supporting usb3 nd sata 6 but does not waste space on too many PCIe slots since I would like to own a single GPU solution i,e a Geforce gtx 480. I was considering the MSI Big Bang XPower but it is made for a dual or triple GPU solution essentially making me waste my money. So can anyone please recommend a price no bar HQ motherboard for my single gfx solution? Proc will be i7 930 and DDR3 Gskill 6GBRAM.
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  1. Here one good mobo:

    P6X58D Premium (ready for 6 cores CPU)
  2. Hi.

    The big bag Xpower is and expensive mobo for only one GPU.

    What is ur budget fo rthe mobo?, for now I suggest to u that go with the ASUS P6X58D-E is a very solid mobo and with a very good future proof.
  3. Hey guys
    Thanks for the replies. Well, like I said my budget is elastic. I can spend for the best one available but the Xpower seemed to be a wastage to me coz I wouldn't use half its features. So now that u know my budget do you still recommend the P6X58D-E or something else?
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    Yeah, i still recommended the P6X58D-E because is a very solid mobo with amazing features and with a solid price.

    Now, u also can find the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R for a cheapest price but the problem with this mobo is that don't support USB 3.0 when u use Crossfire or SLI. Maybe u only want a single GPU today but trust me that when Fermi drops his price a little u will want add another GPU.
  5. Thanks :)
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