How to build a server?

I am in high school and for a project I want to build a PC so I decide to build a home server if that is what I'm thinking of. I hear that with the Windows Home Server software lets the server backup all of the info on the PC's on the network(My gaming PC and my mothers), will update everything on the other PC's and if you download things it will do it without messing with the other PC's. So I need to know what are the components of a home server. Is it just a computer with less power but a lot of space? Any info would help me!
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  1. Hi, reading your need I think that this are the requeriments:

    1- Dual core processor (maybe a core 2 or X2)
    2- 2GB or 4GB on RAM.
    3- 1TB HDD or 2x500GB
    4- Mobo with network 10/100/1000
    5- Video onboard or dedicated it doesn't matter
  2. •Keep it cool and quiet so a good case being a home server a mATX motherboard should be the go I would get a antec p180 mini mersonaly
    To future proof it a bit instead of a core 2 you could pick up a low end i3.
    •2GB of RAM is plenty if only running basic tasks and if you chose to run more tasks you could schedule them to happen at different times and if its a media server schedule for times less likely for use.
    •Being for back up HDD space would be important, as saint19 suggested 2x500GB HDD's would be good, If one is to fail you only lose half compared to losing a whole 1TB

    But you suggested you were a high school student so these parts are all recommended new and cost a bit however if you don't care about the $5 a month you save in energy.
    Older systems are still more than capable, I have a old 3.4 P4 with 4GB RAM, on board GB LAN and a dedicated video card to keep the ram free running as a server off and on for the past 2 years not missing a beat even with many hardware swaps and keeping new good running HDD's in the server keeps me in peace of mind that its all safe.
    This used to run as a game server for LAN's and home fun and always kept up well and now runs as a web/file server in the home and start up a COD 4 or TF2 server from time to time.
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