Hey guys,
Im building a computer and need advice on a graphics card. I have chosen the CPU i5-750 and the MB p55 UD6 which enable crossfire and SLI configuration. I cant decide on graphics card, as im between GB GTX 275 or running ATI RADEON 4870 in crossfire.
Could you please help me :)
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  1. ^ I would rather suggest a single HD 5850...though its hard to find one, but has very good performance and is DirectX 11...
    And as for the mobo, better off with the UD4P unless you will be fully utilizing the not so commonly used premium features on that UD6...
  2. thanks a lot, i managed to find one priced at $399 AUD, which works out to be the same price as the ones mentioned above.
    I had another question for you, should i run 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM?
  3. The P55 architecture uses dual channel memory, so you'd do better to run either 4 GB or 8 GB.

    4 GB will be enough for gaming at present.
  4. ^+1
    The reason not to go with 6GB is that if you populate 3 of the 4 slots on the mobo, you will loose Dual-Channel config, hence lower bandwidth...
    But you can get 6GB without loosing Dual -Channel in this config - 2x 2GB + 2x 1GB...
  5. thanks very much guys for the advice!
    I think for the moment 4GB should be enough for me, it is always something i can improve on in the future.
    So pretty much this is my list so far
    CPU - i5-750
    MOBO - P55 UD4P (took your advice :)
    GPU - Gigabyte 5850
    RAM - Corshair 4GB 1600C8D
    PSU - Corshair HX 850W
    OS - Windows 7 64 bit

    I am still deciding on HDD and Case. Do you think a SSD is worth the money as an OS HDD and getting a normal large capacity one in addition? Any advice on a case, i would prefer a larger one to provide more space. One last question, would you recommend a CPU cooler?
    Thanks guys
  6. ^ That is a good setup...
    As for the PSU, change to 750W...the Corsair 750HX has enough power even for HD 5870 crossfire...So you can save some money there without skimping on the PSU...
    CASE - Check out the CM HAF 922 - It is a high quality case with enough room for that graphic card and has very good airflow...But if you still want a bigger one, then the HAF 932 - The HAF 922's big brother...
    SSD - It depends on what you intend to do...For general tasks, it would reduce the load time significantly...but still it commands a good amount of price premium...

    CPU cooler - CM Hyper 212 is a very good CPU cooler and will perform even better if you replace the stock fan with something better like Scythe Slipstream/ SFLex fans...
  7. Looks good
    HDD: Spinpoint F3
    SSDs are luxury. You need to decide whether it's worth the shorter boot times etc.
    CPU cooler: Why not, the quieter/cooler the better and will leave you some room for overclocking. As said above, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 is probably one of the best coolers out there.

    i managed to find one priced at $399 AUDs

    The hell? That are some hefty prices.
  8. ^ That is true...
    @obrient how much does the HD 5770 cost ?
  9. HDD= Samsung Spinpoint,
    possibly one of the best options to me that is great value and its a bit faster then others

    SSD= wait till they get cheaper

    CPU cooler= stock will do unless your overclocking
  10. The Hyper 212 Plus is a respectable heatsink. Cheap, good performance at high fan setting, low noise under low load. From the reviews on NewEgg, the i5-750 has a rather undersized cooler, so spending $30 for the Hyper 212 Plus wouldn't be a bad investment. Make sure you get the 1156 socket mounting hardware with it.
  11. The 5770 is $205 AUD which is significantly cheaper I could run them in crossfire, however the i5 is outperformed by i7 in crossfire configurations since it becomes x8 x8
    What do you think?
    I checked out the case you suggested looks good, offers good protection, i cant seem to find the CPU cooler at my store, but ill keep looking.
  12. ^ Actually a HD 5770 Crossfire can easily beat a single HD 5850 and have performance comparable to the HD 4870X2(Even higher once they are overclocked)...,2473.html

    There wouldn't be any significant performance hit for these cards when they run at x8x8 mode because they are not as powerful as the HD 5850/ 5870, which would require the max available bandwidth to perform to their fullest...So the x8x8 would suffice the HD 5770 cards...
    And as for that CPU, if you overclock it to say even 3.4GHz+, I dont think you would see any CPU bottleneck(Even at stock speeds, I doubt it would hold back those cards)

    SO if you are able to get the Crossfire working right without any driver glitches, then it would be a very good setup...
  13. Ok makes sense, now the only con is 5770 inability to support direct x 11, whereas the 5850 would, as you had previously mentioned. I will take your advice and seek the crossfire setup if it will provide a better gaming expericne. Thankyou very much for your advice, was a great help.
    My final system setup
    CPU-i5 750
    GPU - 5770 x2 (crossfire)
    MOBO - P55 UD4P
    RAM - Corshair 4GB 1600C8D
    PSU - Corshair HX 750W
    OS - Windows 7 64 bit
    CPU cooler - Hyper 212
    CASE - CM HAF 932
    HDD - WD 300GB veloci raptor
    What do you think?
  14. ^ FYI HD 5770 is also DirectX 11 card.
    And do you need a Velociraptor ?
    IMO the performance increase that it provides, doesnt warrant the price premium that it still commands...
    But its you call though...maybe just buy a small 30GB SSD + a 500GB regular drive...this would be a better setup for just few $$ more...Or buy a regular drive now and later when you get a good deal on the SSDs, buy one...
  15. All the latest ATI cards (5xxx) support DirectX 11.
  16. *** youre right, i read some incorrect information which didnt realte to the 5770. So if i went by your HDD setup, would it be a good system?
  17. You mean the Spinpoint F3?
    It's a great hard drive, not as fast as the VelociRaptor but way cheaper.
    Personally, I'd much rather buy an SSD for my OS. It's faster but again even more expensive than the VelociRaptor.

    The best thing you can do is check some reviews of all 3 drives, compare the price and decide if it's worth it.
  18. You can get a 500GB HDD + say an OCZ Vertex 30GB SSD for nearly the price of a single 300GB velociraptor...
    So OS and apps on the SSD and rest on the HDD would be a better option...
  19. Nah the place i am buying through doesnt sell Spinpoint F3. I could purchase a 32GB for $200, and the large capcity ones are cheap so in the end it would be the same price as the raptor. If you're interested the site im going through is under the section greenguides. I do like the idea of having a SDD, something my friends with be jealous of :)
  20. Wont the other online stores work out for you ?
    - OCZ Vertex 30GB
    - OCZ Agility

    And as for the cheaper Kingston SSD, it doesnt have the recent features like TRIM(In Win 7 it would automatically cleanup the SSD)...
    So first check if they have TRIM enabled, then get them...
  21. Actually, the Spinpoint F3 is faster than the raptors. Its on the THG storage charts.
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