Do I need a new cooler?

Just curious if it is worth it to upgrade my CPU cooler. Right now Im using the stock AMD cooler that came with my FX-4100. I have the chip overclocked to 4.1Ghz and my temps are 22c idle and 53 peak load with Prime95. I realize that these temps are pretty damn good for just air. My case is a Corsair 600t, with 6x120mm fans and 2x250mm fans, so I have all the airflow I could ask for. My question is, would upgrading my cooler be worth it? Will I actually see lower temps than these? If I recall some water coolers cant even manage those temps. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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  1. They look pretty awesome to me. I mean, if you want to go ahead. But with those temps, there's no need. Could probably drop a FEW degrees at load, but 53 is not high by any means.
  2. Is it unrealistic to hope for load temps of 45c with a new cooler?
  3. I have no idea on FX's, but 50 wouldn't be unrealistic.
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