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Hello, Thank you beforehand because I know you will help me :) this is one of the best (if not the best) forums to ask about anything about the pc world :)

We all know that 5870-5850 are the hotest card right know, but we all also know that is very hard to find those in this xmas season so far (28-11 just one day after black friday :) )

And because of that I think that it will be better to have 5770 crossfire than 5870 (assuming you have a crossfire capable mobo) and why is that? because today´s context: no 5870 in the market.

But you know, dual graphics always tend to rise questions...

My config is:

A native 1680x1050 lcd monitor
core i7 860
biostar t5 xe mobo (p55)
4gb ddr3 ripjaws 1600mhz
gtx 260 core 216 supercloked

and my questions are (XD) :

1) due to my monitor resolution, is really good a upgrade from gtx 260 216 sp sc to a 5770 crossfire configuration? is it worth? that´s because almost all benchmarks of 5770 cf show an emphasis on higher resolutions so I tend to be confused.

2) the biostar t5 xe mobo in biostar page says like this: "PCI Express 2.0 x16 1 x PCI-E x16 Slot, running at x16 (PCI-E x16)
1 x PCI-E x16 Slot, running at x4 (PCI-E x4) " (well not like that, exactly that :) ) and I am confused: when I have a cf they will work at x16/x4? or x8/x8?

3) knowing that, is it worth to get 5770 crossfire with that motherboard?

sorry for the long speech :( bassically I just want to know if it is worth to change from gtx 260 216 sp to 5770 cf on 1680x1050, and if it is worth at all knowing the type of crossfire my motherboard offers (x16/x4 or whatever that means) :)
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  1. First of all, the PCI-E x4 slot will bottleneck the second card. Unless it's a PCI-E 2.0x4. That's still pretty bad though.

    The HD5770 is basically an HD4870. The HD5870 is basically two HD4870's. The HD5770 doesn't have 100% scaling in Crossfire, and that means the HD5870 is better.

    A single card will benefit more at your resolution.
  2. yeh, the only advantage of 2 5770's is through price.

    I got one 5770 on release, and im gona get another in the xmas/jan sales.

    My flatmates got a 5870, and to be honest, atm, it isn't 2x better than my 5770, but that could be due to the fact that dx11 games are in their infancy. So if you've got the cash, got for the single card. But i cant see their being much difference between the 2.

    ATi have had cf problems with their 4xxx, and everyone on this forum will tell you, 'cf isnt 2x performance' but with the 5xxx is much better, like 1.9x performance. lol. so really not much difference!

    As i said, if youve got the cash, single card, if not, get 5770 now and another one later, I play all my games in highest settings (OFDR, Borderlands etc) so it aint a problem at the mo with regards to power.
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