Best Cooler for <$45

AC Freezer 13 Pro $45

CM V6GT $47

TT Frio $45

AMD platform
quiet, easy to install
For mild overclocking, 4.2GHz 6 cores on Phenom 960T.

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  1. Coolermaster 212 EVO.
    Yes, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is a great performer! Plus, you can add another 120mm fan for a push pull configuration for more performance!
  3. I like the v6 myself, got an Athlon II x4 640 OC'd to 3.5, temps at idle right now are 18 degrees celcius. Not gonna lie, that cooler seems HUGE. It barely fits my storm scout, but does fit. Chip is cool as a cucumber also, I think the highest temp I saw was 35 degrees celcius when running 10 passes of intel cpu burn. I know the guy I talked to at Microcenter didn't care for the x clamp on the 212 he said those were kind of a pain. But the v6 is kind of intimidating the first time you install it as well.
  4. You must live in a COLD area :ouch:
  5. Nah, I'm from the midwest. The computer is in the basement though. I've got the cooler in my storm scout, have it set up with case fan in front, cooler pulls in through front fan, out through back. Have another case fan directly above the cpu pulling out, for a blowhole effect. Plus a case fan to pull air out the back of my case. So it is cool as a cucumber.

    This system is actually 5 years old, upgraded piece by piece over time. The board is an old AM2 sli board by gigabyte, bios flash lets it run the newer quad, so 4 gb of ddr2 800 and my gts 450, runs great for it's age. I think the chip could take more speed actually, but my board seems to kind of try to regulate voltage even when I manually set it. Like if I set my voltage to 1.3, hw monitor reports voltage at 1.37. I know voltage fluctuates under heavy load, so not gonna push my luck.
  6. actually I'm thinking of getting those aerocool case that can fit 21 120mm/140mm fans and get a hyper 212 evo with push pull config and blow away all the heat ^_^
  7. I have the Hyper 212+. It's really loud. I'm building this computer for a friend and have decided to get him a Kuhler 620 instead.
  8. is the Hyper TX3 evo good?

    vs Kuhler box/shelf/flow
    vs Asus silent square (forgot name :/ )
  9. The Cooler Master 212 models are still the best bang for the buck.
  10. actually you can probably find a corsair a50 for 5-10 bucks less with the same performance of the hyper 212+
  11. thermaltake frio..

    much better than cooler master 212+, evo and slightly better than v6 GT..

    and you'll get 2 high rpm fan @2500rpm + fan controller..
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