More on CPU than GPU? or CPU than GPU?

im freaking confuse about this simple issue..

iis ok to spend more money to the cpu than the gpu?

im in a budget build and my option if im going to get more on the cpu is (A)e7500 pairing it up with a 4670

or (B) e5300 pairing it with 9800GT/4770

ita kinda bugs me.. i want it as smooth decision as possble =D

a. +CPU - GPU

b. -CPU + GPU
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  1. ^ Dint you check the AMD CPU ?
    My choice - X3 435 + HD 4850
  2. +1 to gkay09
    At sub $100 segment AMD provides excellent options.
  3. if i were you i would spend more on the gpu since most the graphics processing is done oh the gpu only if you play games. if you don't really play games then put your money on the cpu.
  4. I like Intel CPU's. I really do.

    But if you are on a really tight budget, AMD is the way to go.

    Suggestion: post your budget and main purpose for the computer. There are people here (I, alas, am not one of them :( ) who are great at suggesting systems at nearly any realistic price point.
  5. Gaming performance is more predicated upon GPU, not CPU. The CPU and motherboard architecture need to be just strong enough to prevent bottlenecking.

    Better CPU's do offer better performance, but only slightly. Dollar for dollar, it is more worthwhile to invest in a better GPU, so long as you don't unbalance your system (ie - use a $50 processor with a $600 graphics card).
  6. thanks for thre reply guys! is this ok?

    Athlon II x2 250 3700
    GA-MA785GM 4600
    4770 5200
    Corsair XMs2 2800
    500GB seagate 2550
    samsung22x 1200
    PSU Imasterpro 1200
    ATX/CASE 1500

    total 22750 = 490.144 USD
  7. ^ Don't spend extra money on the X2 250...get the x2 240 and you can easily set the 250's speed with just a slight increase in the CPU Frequency...
    And as for the PSU, you might want to look into better quality PSUs...maybe like the Antec EA 380/ Corsair 400...
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