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im upgrading my rig. evga P55 LGA1156 4GB PC12800 blu-ray drive. 22inch 1680x1050 1tb drive windows xp/7 core i5-750. i plan on overclockng now which pair of cards should i buy 2x 5970s in CF or 2 4870x3s in CF. i know the 5 is better but i cant find it in stock anywhere and is the price worth a gain over the 4. also would i be facing any bottle necks?

i should have metioned that in the very near future i will be using a 42inch 1080p 240hz hdtv as my display. money is no issue here. those two cards are what ive decided on. i want to run GTAIV at that res everything max, no lag.

ok last edit... what about 2 4890s. i will be doing most of my gaming in windows xp. not many of my games are supported on 7.
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  1. sorry for the typo. 4870x2s not x3
  2. A single HD4870x2 or an HD5850/70 should be massive overkill for that resolution... You are throwing money out the window with the setups you are talking about.
  3. Start with a single 5970. See how happy that makes you. That card is overkill for any game on your resolution, and should last you a good while.
  4. Just use a single 5870 or 5850. I'd wait until I could find one or the other.
  5. Raidur said:
    Start with a single 5970. That should do you plenty good. Hell THAT card runs crysis. :)

    Did you really just recommend a $600 video card to someone using 1680x1050?
    A single HD5870 would be overdoing it. Can handle even Crysis maxed out and rape every other game in existence.

  6. +1
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