Did heat damage my new notebook?

Hello, I recently purchased my first laptop.

It is an acer aspire 7750g, its internals are an i5 with an radeon 6850m for graphics. The graphics card is capable and does a good job handling games

I recently decided to give crysis a try for the first time. The system automatically applied high settings, at 1280x720. I was able to run at a smooth fps with no hiccups. Everything was going well, so I thought

This being my first laptop, there are some things that i may not have experience in. The laptop was placed on my atoman while I was playing, i had not thought anything of it at the time. Little did I know, laptops had vents on the underside.

I decided to give my leg a rest on the atoman, right next to my laptop. Upon placing my leg on the atoman, i felt air hot enough to burn you if you held your hand there. I had never felt air that hot leave the laptop before, it is brand new and I have only owned it for three days. I shut off the laptop immediately to let it cool off

Everything appears to be working fine. I am however, worried that the machine may have gotten hot enough to completely reflow the solder under the gpu and or other components or possibly degraded the integrity of the thermal paste.

Are these realistic concerns? by worrying that this may have caused some underlying issues. That is what I am primarily worried about

since then I have orderd this

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  1. Laptop parts can handle temperatures much higher than desktop parts. Simply, because they are designed to and the manufactuers anticipate things will get hot. Don't worry, they can handle temperatures up to 100C!
  2. Reflow temps for SMT are above 200 degs C - even in heavy use, the laptop will not see temps in excess of 100 degs C. From this aspect you have not damaged the laptop.

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