Overclocking my AMD FX 4100 3.6ghz

So there are many different posts about this that i have seen so far and none have answered my questions. So lets get right into it.

I bought a new computer about 2 months ago and it was a huge upgrade from my last computer.
Currently i have the FX 4100 and an Asus M5A97 AM3+ (standard with no EVO or any of that stuff) 8 gb of 1866 ram shitty harddrives and a gtx550 ti asus Graphics card. Im doing a lot of gaming, currently i play LOL, DOTA2, WOW:WOTLK, and soon play BF3.

My many questions are along the lines of :

My FPS are not as high as i want them to be in some games, im playing a private server in WOW and my FPS drops to about 20 whenever i pan around. Whats the problem with my computer?

Would it be worth buying an aftermarket cooler to overclock to get better FPS?

Would investing in more ram (16 gb is the highest everything with go) get me better fps and computer response/speed?

Is there really a difference between the fx 4100 and 4170 besides the GHZ and cant i just OC it to that to be exactly like the 4170?

Should i just say F&%K it and buy a 8150 and OC that?

Does a HDD have a huge impact on gaming?
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  1. The problem is your processor in MMORPG's! More characters, or in raids etc. will drop your fps. Yes, you can OC to 4.2ghz perfectly fine on the stock cooler.
  2. Plus you need to be playing WoW Cataclysm, you're an expansion behind :P
    Two with Pandaria hitting soon,
    you basically have a dualcore, even a PhenomII would see your fps rising, a clocked one more so
  3. How many people are on that private server when you experience it? How is gaming on the other titles you play? Certainly you should try to overclock first before you start dropping money here and there. I mean if your only complaint is the private server and not other games, I think that you can eliminate problems logically from there.

    If you must spend money. Buy a good cooler, hyper 212, overclock and readjust. 4170 is just higher clocked from box. Also, HDD will affect loading times but in terms of actual gameplay not so much.

    Don't start dropping money for nothing. All fx series game at the same FPS for the most part. If you were gonna spend serious money, upgrade your graphics card to a HD 7850 or so since that would help out more IMO. Cheers.
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