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Hello i have a gateway sx2800-1 currently it has a gma 4500 which is not that great. the gateway has 220 watt power supply and i am not planning on changing it. i am looking for a card that can run things smoothly. IF any one have upgraded the same model can u please tell me what card you used thanks!
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  1. 220 watts is very weak. The best card you can probably get to work with that thing is an HD4650. Should be ok but not great for low resolution(1024x768) gaming.
  2. The Egg has a 585w power supply for 19.99 and free shipping..If i was you I would invest in a power supply and then you could pretty much have whatever video card you want..I actually have that power supply in one of my builds and use it with a 9600GT, been using it for over a year with zero problems..I know they don't recommend using cheap power supply's but hey, when the money is tight you do what you gotta do to get by..
  3. You really got one of the old higher power 9600GTs to work on a 220w psu?
  4. Noooo, I use it with the 585w power supply from newegg..The one in the link i, wouldn't that be nice though..
  5. Oh, lol. Yeah, PSUs like that are a gamble, it could turn out fine or it could need to be replaced with-in a week. You never know. Upgrading the PSU is a good call here and there's been some pretty nice PSU deals on newegg for holidays.
  6. Don't wanna upgrade your PSU, you could take your chances with a Radeon HD 4670 or Nvidia GT 240. Haven't really heard to many people complain except those who envy $1,000 towers.
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