CM 690 II Advanced, thoughts?

Just wondering if anyone has experience water cooling in this case? I've been holding out for a switch 810, but they just aren't available in my country. I've done some research, and the only other case that will fit my two 240mm rads is this one.

I'm ready to pull the trigger, as its 100 dollars cheaper than an 810 and should still fit my loop internally. but i don't like the looks of it at all, and have heard that the bottom mounted rad can be hard to install.

so, anyone can contribute? I'm much more concerned with function than form, so if i'm sure it will do the job i'm happy.
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  1. Works well for LCS's just watch out if you want to mount a 2 x 120mm Rad. in the bottom as modular PSU's will interfere...

    Check out my build log in this case:
  2. cool thanks.

    Yeah, that's what i've heard. my psu is modular, so i'm hoping it wont cause issue. if it does, i might have to replace it.
    on another forum i'd seen that you could gain more space my mounting the front intake slightly higher, and move the bottom rad forward by using the 140mm mounting holes instead of the 120mm.
    hopefully that extra 1cm will give me enough room.

    just ordered the case anyway, so will have to do a log once i get it built.

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