Compatibility GA-P35-DS3P with hd 4870

Please, tell me can I use crossfire with my MBO GA-P35-DS3P and graphic card XFX hd 4870 I mean would I have optimal combination if I buy this graphic card? Maybe you can suggested better combination
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  1. i forgot the details about the p35.. but it wont be at x16 speeeds for both slots for sure.. maybe x8 for both..

    maybe you should look at a board with the x48 northbridge (x38 if you want to save money) for lga775 socket..

    i think p45 was x8/x8 too.. i dont recall whether the 4870 would be bottlenecked at x8.. i think it might given you have a cpu that wont bottleneck the gpu's anyways..
  2. An HD5770 is $10 more than an HD4870 these days and the better buy IMO. DX11 and much cooler/lower power which is good if you are already considering crossfire.
  3. The second x16 slot on the P35 board is at x4 speed only. And remember this is PCI express 1.0 not 2.0 like the p45 board. So the p45 x8 slots process 4 times the bandwidth of the p35 x4 slot.

    The specs on the p35 are a bit strange in that they do state "Ultimate graphics performance with dual PCI-E x16 interface" but no where do they state Crossfire ready or SLI certified as normally would be done if intended for those uses. I guess you are supposed to understand what the abscence of such designations imply - and they do state the limited bandwidth of the second x16 slot.

    But you will get more bandwidth out of one x16 slot fully utilized than you will out of two x4 slots - approximately twice as much. So I think you want to forget using two cards and get one big one. And after all, wouldn't you like to have a big one?
  4. Thanks everybody for answering, Ill change my decision completely respecting your advice.
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