Need some serious help.

Was originally getting a BSOD and something about an "atidvag" error and a VPU Recover error with my Radeon 4870. I just purchased a i5-750, Gigabyte Mobo (h55m) and OCZ 2GB stick of RAM, so I thought it was something with the GPU, I swapped it for a GTS 250 just to see and now I can't load BC2 maps or anything graphically intensive. Anybody have any ideas of what the problem is?

Temps and drivers are all good. I reinstalled twice and same problems.
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  1. Did you do a clean install of the VGA driver when you swapped the cards ?
  2. Yep you'll have all sorts of gobbilygook graphic files conflicting.
    Try downloading DriverSweeper.
    Run in safemode and purge all the graphic files.
    Re-install latest driver package from appropriate manufacturers website.
  3. I did all of that already. I run in safe mode than use driver sweeper to clear the ATI drivers.
  4. So it doesn't perform well in any game ?
  5. What OS/version of windows are you running? What Cataylst version did you try for the 4870? What Nvidia version did you try for the GTS 250? Is Windows completely up to date, otherwise? When you bought the new MB/RAM did you do a clean install of the system or did you recycle your previous installation?

    Just trying to help isolate the problem.
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