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Imediate help needed

I really need help on something.

I have got an xp .iso image but all of my discs are damaged, i think. on my other laptop it reads the disk fine but
on the laptop i want to install xp on wont let me burn the iso. First its because i get the message no disc inserted when i open it in my computer.
on the other laptop it opens fine and says drag & drop files here. but i get no disk in drive message with this laptop. Any ideas????
I want to burn the xp iso but its on the computer that wont read any disks and i cant get a network to work so i cant copy anything to the other laptop.
they are both currently running windows 7. AND WINDOWS 7 SUCKS COZ IT CANT EVEN READ A DISK. i hate 7 now because of this.
Even vista is better than windows 7, or windows suckin more like. please help me as soon as possible.

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  1. Use USB stick. To install and/or transfer.
  2. if i remember correctly, you can run xp installer from a USB device or copy it onto HDD and run installer from HDD via cmd.

    Either way you can format, instal and reinstall it.

    reading disks has nothing to do with the OS, its to do with your ODD lense. its either damaged or has a dirty laser/lense.
  3. how do i copy xp to HDD and run istaller? please give me detailed but simple
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    wonder44 said:
    how do i copy xp to HDD and run istaller? please give me detailed but simple

    U don't copy the WinXP to the HDD and run installer. U need to boot from the CD or USB stick...
  5. no need now guys got it working. i burned to dvd with poweriso on the other laptop and it is installing as i speak. how do i close this thread?
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