Can i recover 2 times formatted drive

sir, i have operating system windows 7. I accidentally formatted my f drive & i install xp on f drive .but f drive contains important data .can i recover my data on f drive.
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  1. Short answer, Nope.

    You can try and use a recovery program.

    Can't guarantee you will be able to recover what you need.
  2. Do as warhead0 says - Recuva is known to recover files.

    Until then, do not use the drive for anything. Connect it as an external drive to a different computer.
  3. Use Easeus Partition Recovery program. Its free and almost brings back whatever data was lost. Do not use that partition for anything now.

    Run that software, its graphical and very easy to use. Use first fast scan, then if you want complete scan.

    Good luck buddy.
  4. ^ +1

    Easeus is a good program. I use Easeus Todo Backup alternately with Win Backup, and it works very well. From this I expect their recovery program to work just as well.

    (Get used to the Chinese English; much better than the Indian English in Microsoft help screens in MS Office 2010).
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